Euro Machinery buy and sell used rewinders for converting plastic films and flexible packaging material, papers, laminates, and aluminium foils. If you want to buy or sell a rewinder, please contact us.

  • Introducing Electron Beam system with winder for production of cross-link shrink film, anti-fog, barrier and other similar specialistic multilayer films. Schedule an inspection today!This stretch film making machine with electron beam system is available for sale. Schedule an inspection or request more information today!electron beam system for cross linked shrink film.
    Ref. No.: 5728

    EB Electron Beam with rewinder
    For: cross-link, anti-fog, barrier film etc.
    Working width: 1630 mm
    Max. roll weight: 300 kg

  • Secondhand film rewinder machine available for sale.Stretch film rewinder machine with winding width up to 590 mm (2 rolls) for sale.Rewinder for stretch film available for sale and can be seen in production.
    Ref. No.: 5727

    Material: Stretch film
    Rewinder: Width max: 2×590 mm
    Roll diameter max: 300 mm
    Speed max: 700 m/min

  • Plastic film rewinder with 600 mm working width.Stretch film rewinding machine is in good working condition
    Ref. No.: 5726

    Material: stretch film
    Working width: 600mm
    Unwinder diameter: 500 mm
    Rewinder diameter: 300 mm

  • Rewinder for stretch film with working width up to 1000 mm.Stretch film rewinder all plastic films and PET.
    Ref. No.: 5725

    Rewinder for stretch film
    All plastic films and PET
    Working width: Up to 1000 mm
    Paper core diameter: 3’’ and 6’’ for main reel

  • Pre-owned rewinder | Cattorini SVT/1Pre-owned rewinder | Cattorini SVT/1Pre-owned rewinder | Cattorini SVT/1
    Ref. No.: 5711

    Working width: 1400 mm
    Running speed: 60 m/min
    Number of winding shafts: 2

  • Automatic Stretch Film RewinderAutomatic Stretch Film RewinderAutomatic Stretch Film Rewinder
    Ref. No.: 5720

    Working width: Up to 800 mm
    Film thickness: 8 – 50 µ (12 – 30 micron for pre-stretching).
    Finished Roll max. diameter: 250 mm
    Running speed: Up to 650 m/min

  • 5723 Maklaus Rewinder (1)5723 Maklaus Rewinder (2)5723 Maklaus Rewinder (3)5723 Maklaus Rewinder (4)
    Ref. No.: 5723

    Max mother roll width: 600 mm
    Finished roll max diameter: 275 mm
    Speed: 1500 m/min

  • Bandera RewinderBandera Rewinder
    Ref. No.: 5708

    Material width: 3000 mm
    Working width: 2700 mm
    Speed: 50 m/min

  • Used machinery for rewinding and inspecting plastic films. DCM SPAG CB 600 Inspection and Doctoring Rewinder. Please contact us for more information.Inspection Doctoring RewinderInspection Doctoring RewinderInspection Doctoring Rewinder
    Ref. No.: 5709

    Roll width unwinder: 45 mm – 600 mm
    Roll diameter unwinder: 600 mm
    Roll width winder: 45 mm – 600 mm
    Roll diameter winder: 600 mm

  • Doctoring Machine | Automatic two station back to back cent/surface/gap winder.
    Ref. No.: 5706

    Roll width: 800 mm
    Roll diam.: 1000 mm
    Weight: 800 kg