Used plastic granulators and grinders for sale by Euro Machinery. Well-known brands such as CMG, GASPAR, Plasmaq, Rapid, and others. Please find our available machines below. Our customers are film and plastic producers who wants top quality recycling machines and extruders. We have many machines available in our database. We can help you find the machine that best suits your needs. Used machines for sale from Euro Machinery. We are northern Europe’s largest machine deal. Euro Machinery is specialist in trading with second hand machines and equipment for flexible converting. We have recycling machines, complete recycling lines, plastic granulators and grinders, shredders, and washing lines.

  • Plastic granulator Herbold for sale by Euro Machinery
    Ref. No.: 63006

    Output: Up to 3000 kg/h
    Hopper inlet:
    L 207.5mm x W 188mm x H 104mm
    PET, PP, HDPE, any 3D plastic material

  • Plastic granulator Forrec for sale by Euro MachineryPlastic granulator for sale
    Ref. No.: 63005

    Output: Up to 1000 kg/h
    Rotor: Length 900 mm x diam. 450 mm
    Cutter house:
    2+2 pcs rotor knives
    2+2 pcs stator knives

  • Plastic granulating machine with an output of up to 1000 kg/h.
    Ref. No.: 63004

    Plastics, rubber, light metals
    Rotor: Length 1600 mm X diam. 450 mm
    Cutter house: 3+3 rotor , 2+2 stator knives
    Hopper inlet: 1600 X 600 mm

  • Plastic granulator with an output up to 150 kg/h.Small plastic granulator machine for hard plasticPlastic granulator sold with many attachments.
    Ref. No.: 63002

    Material: Hard plastic
    Rotor: Length 44 mm x diam. 22 mm
    Cutter house: 6 rotor, 2 stator knives
    Hopper inlet: 55 X 40 mm

  • This plastic granulator is available for sale.Machine with high output of up to 1000 kg/h!
    Ref. No.: 63003

    All kinds of plastic
    Rotor diameter: 450mm
    Cutterhouse: Dia.: 1000mm
    Hopper inlet: 1000 X 1500mm

  • Granulator machine used for plastic recycling is in good working condition.This plastic granulator is available for sale. Contact us now.
    Ref. No.: 63001

    All types of plastic (no lumps)
    Rotor: Diameter 260mm x length 410mm
    Cutter house: 5 pcs rotor, 2 pcs stator
    Hopper inlet: 400 mm x 400 mm

  • Plastic granulator machine for hard plastics with output up to 1200 kg/hPlastic granulator machine with blower, cyclone and other accessories.
    Ref. No.: 6399

    Material: hard plastic and other
    Rotor: Length 1000 mm x diam. 650 mm
    Cutter house: 6x rotor, 4x stator knives
    Hopper inlet: 1000 X 850 mm

  • This granulator is great for PET bottles and hard plastic with output up to 1200 kg/h.Hopper inlet of plastic granulator.
    Ref. No.: 6398

    Material: PET, hard plastic
    Rotor: Length 600 mm x Diam. 450 mm
    Cutter house: 5x rotor, 2x stator knives
    Hopper inlet: 600 X 578 mm

  • Granulator For Plastic RecyclingGranulator For Plastic RecyclingGranulator For Plastic RecyclingGranulator For Plastic RecyclingGranulator For Plastic Recycling
    Ref. No.: 6378

    One shaft
    Up to 900 kg/h
    3 rotor knives
    2 stator knives

  • Used Granulator Cosmecal Castoro for sale
    Ref. No.: 6390

    Material: PS
    Rotor: Length 400 mm x diam. 100 mm
    Motor type size: 6 kW
    Screen size: 8 and 10 mm holes

  • Granulator for cables with separator for saleGranulator for cables with separator for sale
    Ref. No.: 6375

    Screen size: 4 mm holes
    Output: Up to 150-450 kg/h
    Screen sizes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 25 mm

  • 6387-previero-mu-508-m3Used Wet Granulator | Previero MU 508 M3Used Wet Granulator | Previero MU 508 M3
    Ref. No.: 6387

    Output: 2.000 kg/h
    Rotor: L 800 mm x diam. 500 mm