Strækfilm vikler

Strækfilm vikler
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Stræk system 
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Stræk film pallevikler – EPIPACK SpinoWraptor Graphic IDP

Pallevikler til wrapping af paller med strækfilm

Stræk film wrapper


  • Excellence in design
  • Heavy duty column construction.
  • Covered with strong ABS covers
  • Ecologic powder painted with epoxy paint thickness min. 80 my
  • Wrapping height 2500 mm
  • Intelligent Prestretch System adjustable
  • High functional demands
  • Control with advanced Smart Minder graphic panel
  • Capacitive PLC to support over 362880 program combinations
  • 8 appropriate saved programs
  • Able to wrap unstable and light cargo
  • Quality according to EU directive (EN 415-6/2007)
  • Higher safety level with film carriage 100% closed in the column
  • Loading cargo with manual transpallet on FORK platform with safety module category II.
  • Wrapping at dispatch (warehouses) and in productions with protection
    of product from top with minimal ecological impact on environment and
    film saving

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