Washer Ultron

Maks. vægt: 200 kg
Kapacitet af lagertanke: 2×400 l
Industriel delevasker til flexo printer

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Industriel vaskemaskine til dele fra flexo printer

Parts washer machine for flexo printer. This is an equipment used for cleaning parts from a machine.

Manufacturer: Ultron

Model: UNP-1900MP

Area of usage: The washer was used to wash the machine elements after being soiled with water-based paint.

Max. temp. washing liquid: 80oC


  • Machine: 3100x2150x2000 mm
  • Usable basket: 1900x550x350 mm
  • Trolley: 1990x600x845 mm

Parts washer machine:

  • Max. weight: 200 kg
  • Capacity of storage tanks: 2×400 l
  • Spray pump performance: max. 18m3/h


  • Pressure on the pomp: max. 7bar
  • Power of the bath heaters: 2×2.15 kW
  • Spray pump power: 5.5kW
  • Power: 3x400V/50Hz
  • Installed power: 32kW


  • Weight of the washer: 950 kg
  • Operating noise: < 70Db (A)

Accessories: Trolley

Industrial parts washer is in great working condition and can be seen in production. Contact us for more information.