R.M.F. -Stand-alone Stack Flexo printer

6 Colors
Print Width: 800 mm
Mat. Width: 850 mm
Speed: 60 m/min

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Stack Flexo Printer

6 Colors

Used Stack Flexo Printer in good condition. For printing on different plastic films such as PE, PP, OPP, PET. This machine can be seen running during a machine inspection. Please contact us for more information.

Brand & Model: R.M.F. 6/800

6 Colors

Material to print: PE, PP, OPP, PET

Printing width: 800 mm

Material width: 850 mm

Mechanical speed: Average of 60 m/min

Unwinder and winder:

  • Winder: Standard winder
    • Max roll diam.: Ø 850 mm
  • Unwinder: Electromagnetic brake
    • Max roll diam.: Ø 850 mm
    • Expanding shafts

Drying system:  Electrical drying

In good working condition. Can be seen in production.