Eurotecno 125

Materiale: PE, PP
Snegl/snekke diameter: 125 mm
Output: Op til 450 kg/t
Afgasning: Single

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Plastic recycling machine with screw diameter of 125 mm in good working condition!

Brand & Model: Eurotecno 125

Material that can be processed: PE, PP

Screw diameter: 125 mm

L/D ratio: 35 L/D

Output: Up to 450 kg/h, depending on the type of material and feeding rate.

Degassing: Single

Screen changer before the Die: Hydraulic

Material feeding system: Screw feeding from silo

Extruder hopper type: Force feeder

Pelletising system: Hot Granulation on Die – Water Circle system

Plastic recycling machine | Accessories:


  • Voltage: 3 x 400V + N + Pe
  • Installed power: 300 kW

Further information: Extruder motor 186 kW

Plastic pelletizer machine available for sell and inspection.