LUNG MENG TPA800GP Super high speed – brugt bundsvejsnings bæreposemaskine

Brugt bundsvejsnings bæreposemaskine

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LUNG MENG TPA800GP Super high speed – brugt bundsvejsnings bæreposemaskine

Bag Making Machine:

Type: Bottom seal bag making machine for carrier bags (T-Shirt bags).

Type of production: Bottom seal bags T-Shirt

Material that can be processed: LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE

Sealing width (bag width): Up to 330 mm

Drawn Lenght: 700 mm

Number of lines: 2

Max Speed: Up to 300 rpm x 2

Driving system

✓ Operator interface terminal
✓ Servo motor driven

Attachments and Accessories:

✓ Heavy duty lifting unwinder
✓ Gusseting station
✓ Slit-seal
✓ Stacking/ index table
✓ Photocell for printed film
✓ Web guide unit
✓ Extra die cutter for T-shirt bag
✓ Calendar device

Extrusion Line – Mono Layer:


Material that can be processed: LDPE/HDPE/LLDPE/MDPE/EVA

Extruders: Screw Ø:55 mm

Head: Blown film die head HDPE. Die diameter 10 mm & 80 mm insert die lip

Material Thickness: 0.008 up to 0.007mm for HDPE & 0.012 up to 0.2 mm for LDPE

Take Off: Take Off 1000 mm wide


• Air ring
• Air cooling blower
• Calibration basket Iris wire type
• Winder max width 950mm and roll diam. 750mm
• Corona treater
• Manual double screen change

Printing Line: 

Manufacturer: Lung Meng

Model:  FP-2060

No. of colors: 2 colors (2+0, 1+1)

Material to print: Paper, PE, PP

Printing width: 560 mm

Material width: 600 mm

Print repeat:  240 mm – 1000 mm

Mechanical speed: Up to 85 m/min

Unwinder: Max roll diam.: Ø 600 mm

Lining clutch device: 2 sets

Diam. Mandrel: 76

Rewinder: Max roll diam.: Ø 600 mm

Diam. Mandrel: 76
Pumps: 2

Drying system: Drying blower

Other information:
• Edge position control

Condition: In good working condition. Can be seen in production.