Automatic water separator capacity:
Reserve tank capacity: 800 l
Separation tank capacity: 250 l 9433 Categories: , , ,
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Automastisk olie- og vandudskiller

Wastewater oil separator used in flexoprinting. Machine is in great working condition.

Manufacturer: CNI tlac servis

Model: SEPARFLEX 250 A

Area of use: Used for highly effective separation of wastewater contaminated with paints printing

General information:

  • Dimensions: L2000 x W1000 x H2500 mm
  • Weight without filling: 350kg
  • Active separation cycle length: 33 min

Automatic water separator capacity:

  • Reserve tank capacity: 800l
  • Separation tank capacity: 250l
  • Filter tank capacity: 125l
  • Water filter capacity F1: 75l
  • Water filter capacity F2: 75l


  • Total installed power: 1,5 kW
  • Working voltage: 400 V AC.50 Hz


  • Noise emission level: doesn’t exceed 60Db (A)
  • Max. momentary noise level: doesn’t exceed 85Db (C) at the reference value 20 µPa


  • supporting frame
  • reserve tank
  • separation tank
  • filter tank
  • reagent dispenser
  • F1 water filter
  • water filter F2
  • Electrical equipment

Wastewater oil separator is available for purchase. Contact us to get more information.