FAS DT 1100

Draw tape converting machine
Web width: 1140 mm
Machine speed: up to 120 m/min

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Secondhand Draw-tape unit

Secondhand draw-tape unit for in-line bag making machine for draw tape garbage bags.

Type: Draw tape unit

Production: used to produce draw-tape bags.

Max. web width: 1140 mm [44.9 in]

Hole punch cycles/min: Up to 300

Production: Up to 120 m/min [394 fpm]

Additional Information:

  • The equipment includes two motor-driven unwinds for cross-wound 25 mm or 100 mm spools.
  • Can be used in line with a FAS bag-making machine or any other top brand bag making machine.
  • Reliable, long-lasting production of draw-tape bags while being simple to use and maintain.

Contact us to hear more about the machine! Draw tape garbage bags making machine in excellent working condition.