Komplette Linie zur Herstellung von Borsten FIL75

Material: PPN, PET
Maschine hat viele Komponenten!


Maschine zur Herstellung von Bürstenborsten

Bristle machine | Complete line for production of bristles in great working condition.

Brand & Model: TechnoPlastic S.r.l

Description: complete line for production of bristles FIL75

Material: PPN, PET


  • Bristle diameter 0.15 to 1.5mm
  • Output: 120 kg/h for a straight fiber with a diameter of 0.40 mm.
  • Raw materials: PP homopolymer MFI 0.5 to 0.4


  • Diameter: 0.5 to 1.5mm
  • Output: 200 kg/h – bristles 0.45 mm Ø
  • Raw materials: PET recycling, density> 0.35 kg / dm and max flake size I 0mm, moisture 0.8%, flake I.V. = 0.75 without any PVC additives

Bristle making machine – components:

  • device for drying and crystallizing the raw material with feeders
  • gravimetric dispenser for 4 ingredients – 4 feeding rolls
  • 75 mm single screw extruder and L / D30
  • EREMA SW 4/82 / RTF two-way hydraulic backwash filter
  • 6 sieve-fillers enabling the production of various fibers, 350mm extruder head with pressure sensor
  • Cooling bath under the head
  • 1st group of “slow” rollers – 7 chrome steel rollers and 2 pinch rollers
  • “hot” stretching bath – 4 m tub
  • 2nd group of “fast” rollers 7 chrome steel rollers and one clamping roller
  • Anti-static roll
  • 3rd group of stabilization rollers 5 chrome steel rollers and one pressure roller
  • Notching unit
  • PC operator panel, the main electric cabinet with the line management position
  • Bristle winder 6 + 6 stations
  • few other

Brush bristle making machine can be seen in production. Contact us for more information regarding the machine.