Estrusori in bolla

  • Secondhand film blowing machine for production of LDPE film with take off up to 1500 mm wide.Secondhand monolayer blown film plant is available for sale.Monolayer blown film plant with reels diameter of up to 1100 mm.
    Ref. No.: 3294

    Diametro vite: 63,5 mm
    Produzione: Fino a100 kg/h
    Traino: 1500 mm di larghezza
    Diametro filiera: 275 mm

  • Complete blown film extrusion machine from Windmöller & Hölscher available for sale.5 layer blown film extrusion with 2100 mm wide take offThe machine is in really good working condition and comes from clean environment.5 layer blown film machine for LDPE, LDPE/EVOH/LDPE.
    Ref. No.: 33007

    Viti: 70 + 50 +60 + 50 + 70 mm
    Produzione: fino a 650 kg/h
    Traino: 2100 mm

  • CH-Coex blown extruder for sale
    Ref. No.: 33005

    Viti: 55mm + 65mm + 55mm Ø
    Produzione: Fino a 160 kg
    Traino: 1100 mm

  • CMG blown film extruder for saleCMG blown film extruder for sale
    Ref. No.: 33004

    LDPE; HDPE; LLDPE; Biomateriali
    Viti: 35 + 55 + 35 mm
    Produzione: Fino a 180 kg
    Traino: 1200 mm

  • Blown film extruder CMG for saleBlown film extruder CMG for sale
    Ref. No.: 33003

    LDPE; HDPE; LLDPE; Materiali-bio
    Vite: Ø 50 + 70 + 50 mm
    Produzione: fino a 250 kg
    Traino: 1100 mm

  • Blown film extruder with 900 mm wide take off.Blown film extruder for LLDPE/LDPE virgin and recycled.Machine sold with many attachments.
    Ref. No.: 3287

    LLDPE/LDPE riciclato
    Vite: 45 mm
    Produzione: Fino a 55 kg/h
    Traino: 900 mm

  • Monolayer Film ExtruderPlastic film extruder with screw diameter of 65 mm.Plastic film extruder with film width up to 1200 mm.
    Ref. No.: 3279

    Diametro Vite : 65 mm L/D 28
    Produzione: Fino a 100 kg/h
    Diametro filiera: 200 mm

  • blown film extruder machine for sale by Euro Machineryblown film extruder MAM winderblown film extruder machine MAM 3 layerBlown film extruder | MAM 3 layerBlown film extruder | MAM 3 layer
    Ref. No.: 33002

    Diametro filiera 220 mm
    Produzione: Fino a 200 kg/h
    Traino 1800 mm

  • monolayer blown film line winder for saleused blown film extrusion line ATAC
    Ref. No.: 3285

    Traino di 1250mm
    Produzione di 75 kg/h
    Diametro filiera 200 mm

  • film extruder for saleextruder mono layer
    Ref. No.: 3284

    Diametro filiera: 250 mm
    Produzione: Fino a 75 kg/h
    Traino: 1300mm

  • Monolayer blown film line Bandera for sale by Euro MachineryMonolayer blown film line Bandera for saleMonolayer blown film line BanderaMonolayer blown film line for sale
    Ref. No.: 3283

    Estrusori: Vite vite: 50 mm
    Produzione: Fino a 100 kg/h
    Traino: 900 mm di larghezza

  • Blown film extruder in good working condition.Film blowing machine with double winder.Film blowing machine available to be purchased.Blown film extrusion line available to be purchased.
    Ref. No.: 3281

    Traino: 1600 mm largo
    Diametro filiera:
    300 mm
    Diametro vite: 65 mm; L/D 30