Ofertas Especiais

  • Introducing the Kiefel, a pre-owned blown film extruder of 1100 mm wide take off. The machine is in good working condition. Schedule an inspection today.
    Ref. No.: 33011

    Fusos: 70mm + 70mm
    Produção: até 150 kg/h
    Puxe: 1100 mm

  • High capacity channel baler | Bramidan HC30MHigh capacity channel baler | Bramidan HC30MHigh capacity channel baler | Bramidan HC30M
    Ref. No.: 62373

    Peso fardo : 250-350 kg
    Abertura de alimentação: 1030 x 950 mm

  • Plastic pelletizing line EREMA RGA 160TErema RGA 160T plastic pelletizing line for sale by Euro MachineryPlastic recycling line EREMA RGA 160T-LF-Kaskade TE-HG
    Ref. No.: 60423

    Recicladora em cascata
    Fuso: 160 mm
    Produção: até 1400 kg/h
    Dupla desgasificação

  • Plastic extrusion screen changer used in recycling.Fimic screen changer available for purchase.Different screen dimensions for this Fimic screen changer.
    Ref. No.: 62232

    Cambia filtro backflush
    Diâmetro filtro: 500 mm
    Produção: até 1200 kg/h

  • 3500 KUHNE Green Line 5-layer co-extruderKUHNE Green Line 5-layer co-extruder line KUHNE Green Line 5-layer co-extruder line 
    Ref. No.: 3500

    Fusos: 72 + 60 + 72 + 60 + 72 mm, L/D 30
    Cabeçal filme balão 5 capas
    Diâmetro cabeçal: 350 mm
    Entreferro: 1.5 e 2.8 mm

  • Ref. No.: 4260

    Sem engrenagens
    10 cores
    500 m/min

  • Redwave 2000 - Plastic Sorting Equipment for sorting and organizing post-consumer plastics. Can sort many different types of plastics.
    Ref. No.: 62144

    Equipamento de triagem de plásticos