Heavy Printed Films

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Recykling folii z tworzyw sztucznych

The Repro-Flex is a new recycling machine from Polystar. Its focus is on recycling printed and non-printed PE and PP film, shrink film, stretch film, PE and EPE foam. It can also process washed and dried flakes from a washing line. The Repro-Flex outputs re-usable pellets that can be used in production once again.

There are different sizes of this machine available depending on the output required. The machine is suited for in-house, post industrial recycling and also post-consumer recycling.

Please contact us and we will help you find the right machine for your situation.

Examples of Materials the Repro-Flex Can Process



Model Name: Repro-Flex

Final Product: Plastic pellets/granule

Recycling Material: Hole,LDPE,LLDPE, PP, BOPP, CPP, OPP, PA,PC,PS,PU,EPS

Wydajność : 100kg~ 1200 kg/godzinę

Średnica ślimaka: 65~180mm

Ślimak L/D: 30/1,32/1,34/1,36/1

Odgazownie: Single or Double vented Odgazownie, Unvented for non-printed film or Two stage Typ maszyny (mother-baby Extru) for even better Odgazownie

Rodzaj cięcia: Hot die face Peletyzowanie (Water ring pelletizer)

Optional Devices:

  • Wykrywacz metali(S+S)
  • Nip roller for film roll feeding
  • Additive feeder for masterbatch
  • Wirówka dryer for drying


Inquire about the Repro-Flex. We will be happy to give you more detailed information.