Linie do recyklingu

Ślimaka ø: 85 mm
Granujacja na gorąco
Wydajność: 190 kg/h


Linie do recyklingu – Prealpina T85

Służy do recyklingu poużytkowych odpadów

Recycling Machine for Plastic

This machine can  process: PE, LDPE, HDPE, MDPE

Screw diameter: 85 mm

L/D ratio: 35D

Pelletising system: Hot Granulation on Die – Water Circle system

Output: Up to 190 kg/h. This depending on the type of material
and feeding rate.

There are many attachments and accessories for this machine. Please contact us for detailed information.

The equipment is in good working condition, and you can see it in production.

Please contact us for more technical details about this machine.