EREMA linia do recyclingu

Ślimaka ø: 120 mm
Wydajność: 450 kg/h
Double piston

EREMA – Używana linia do recyclingu

EREMA model RM 120 32-E

This EREMA  recycling machine is in a good condition, and can be seen in production.
Material to process:

Screw diameter: 120 mm
Output: Up to 450 kg/h
Screen changer: Double piston
132 mm filter diameter
Pressure sensor: Yes
Conveyor belt: Yes
Degassing: Double degassing
Power: Voltage: 3 x 380 V + N + Pe
Further information: Extruder motor: 111 kW
Granulator motor: 74 kW
Heating zones: 9

Furthermore, this recycling system has many attachments as metal detector and more. Contact us for a full list.

EREMA produces quality recycling machines, known all over the world. EREMA is an Austrian company, and is world known for its quality machines.  Euro Machinery works with used recycling machines, and today we can proudly say that we are the biggest supplier of used recycling machines in Northern Europe. We have helped many customers all over the world to find the right machines.