Comexi bobiniarka

Szerokość: 1200 mm
span style=”font-size: 10pt;”>Odwijarka: 800 mm
Nawijarka: 400 mm
Prędkość: 300 m/min

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Bobiniarka Comexi KSC

Used slitter rewinder, which is used for PP, PE, PVC and paper

Comexi Slitter Rewinder for sale.

Please see the following specifications:
Cutting type: Razor
Number of cutting knives: 10
Standard Unwinder:
Max roll diameter: 800 mm
Max roll width: 1200 mm
Standard Winder
Max roll diameter: 400 mm
Max mechanical speed: 300 m/min
Paper core diameter(s): 2 x 70, 76, 152 mm
Other information:
This machine has extra attachments for a full list, please contact us for further information.

Comexi is a well-known brand within the flexible converting industry.