CI Flexodrukarka z centralnym cylindrem

Kolorów 6
Szerokość: 1300 mm
Prędkość: 250 m/min

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Flexodrukarka z centralnym cylindrem – Bielloni

Central Impression Printer for 6 color printing

Used Bielloni Flexographic printing press in good condtion and can be seen in production. Please contact us to set up a machine inspection, we will be happy to show you this machine running.

Model: AXSA 6 SLV – MOD 120

6 Colors

Materials to print: PE, PP, OPP, PET, Paper

Printing Width: 1200 mm

Material Width: 1300 mm

Print Repeat: Min 380mm – max 760 mm

Mechanical Speed: Up to 250 m/min


  • Two station Bracket mounted reels structure with magnetic tension controller (RE type)
  • Max roll diam.: 600 mm
  • Expanding shafts: 3”


  • Turret winder with servo tension control and auto cutting
  • Max roll diam.: 600 mm
  • Expanding shafts: 3”, 4 pcs

Pumps: 6 pcs, electric pumps

Drying System: Two stage type, first every colour station Second, bridge type, blowing hot air through the heater chamber

Accessories: Many available, please contact us for a full list.

Condition: W dobrym stanie technicznym. Moża zoabczyć w produkcji.