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Cortadora-soldadora de bolsas


Cortadora-soldadora de bolsas

Para la fabricación de diferentes tipos de bolsas

This bagging machine makes the bag automatically and moves it to the feeding station. Where it is picked up from the feeding station, then the product is inserted into the bag that is moved to the following sealing station for final sealing.

The machine is very compact the X1 can be fed manually, automatically or directly connected with any production lines.

By using centre folded PE or PP film in reel, the X1 makes automatically the bag y moves it to the Estación plegado Picked up from the Estación plegado, the product is inserted into the bag that is then moved to the following sealing station for the final sealing.

The bag’s waste is removed by suction y the final pack is automatically ejected from the machine. Alloy Barras de soldadura at constant temperature protected by a non-sticky material.

Belt for the bag’s transport driven by servo motor. Transversal sealer making the bag y separating it from the film.

film unwinding system driven by servo motor. PLC control unit.

This unit produces bag sizes width 50-200mm, length 100-390mm using low density polyethylene film from centre-folded format.

Por favor contáctenos para más información. We will be happy to show you how this bag machine works.

Modelo: AMOTEK X1-DX

Materials: PE or PP film in real.

Velocidad: 20-30 cycles per min.

Machine is En buen estado.