BDO 300 Screen Changer

Para el procesamiento de plástico
Material: PP, LDPE, HDPE, ABS
Tamaño del filtro: 305 mm
Hasta 1200 Kg/h


BDO Filtro de pantalla a la venta

Screen changer for processing plastic

BDO Screen changer for sale is for recycling lines, blown and cast film lines and more. Good condition recycling equipment for sale from Euro Machinery

Brand & Model: BDO 300 Screen Changer

Material that can be processed: PP, LDPE, HDPE, ABS

Filter diameter: 305 mm

Areas of application: Blown or Cast films, Flat sheet, Pipes and profiles, Cable coating, Recycling, Masterbatch and compound pelletizing, Blow and injection molding.

Method of operation: Continuous flow screen changer

Output: Up to 1200 kg/h, depending on material

This BDO screen changer for sale is in a good condition, please contact us if you need more information.