Valvan Baling Systems VVH40C-DSK

For small bales of used clothing
Vertical hydraulic rotary press
2 chambers
Output: Up to 20 bales/h


Valvan Baling Systems | Baler machine for clothes

Used clothing baler for sale | Machine produces up to 20 bales per hour.

Brand & Model: Valvan Baling Systems VVH40C-DSK

Material that can be processed: clothes

Type: Hydraulic baling press

Areas of application:

  • Recycling Used Clothes
  • The baler has been designed to make small bales of used clothing with dimensions that perfectly fit into sea containers.

Description: vertical hydraulic rotary press with two chambers

Method of operation: The press is usually operated by two people. One operator places the new load in the filling chamber, the second operator finishes the previous bale in the press box.

Output: Up to 20 bales/h, depending on the options selected

Baler machine for clothes in good working condition. Contact us to get more information.