Vacurema Prime 1716 T

Material: Shredded PET flakes
Screw diameter: 160 mm single screw
Output: Up to 1450 kg/h


Used Vacurema Prime for PET
Used Vacurema Prime for sale! This machine process shredded PET flakes, output up to 1450 kg/h and screw diameter of 160mm.Vacurema is  in excellent working condition and available for inspection! 

Brand & Model: Vacurema Prime 1716 T Bottle to Bottle FDA Pellestising Plant

Material that can be processed: Shredded PET flakes

Screw diameter: 160 mm single screw

Output: Up to 1450 kg/h, depending on the type of material and feeding rate

Screen changer: SW 8/170 RTF

Screen diameter: 8 x 170 mm

Screen total surface: 1814 cm2

Pelletising system: Underwater pelletising system

Vacurema Prime comes with many accessories:

✓ All metal separator
✓ Day bin system 28m3
✓ 1x Crystallisation Prime dryer
✓ 2x Crystallisation dryer
✓ 1X set vacuum pump station
✓ 2X set vacuum pump station for KT
✓ 1x vacuum pump station for reactor
✓ 3X Self-cleaning vacuum filter
✓ Condensate separator
✓ Backflush filter SW 8/170 RTF
✓ Online viscometer
✓ Underwater pelletising with crystallisation
✓ QualityOn: Colour system
✓ Pellet transport systems
✓ 2x Big bag fill units
✓And many more

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