SML 3-layer Coextrusion Cast film Line

Materials: CPP, stretch and barrier films
Extruders: diam.: 150, 75, 75 mm
Output: Up to 800 kg/h
Lip width: 3100 mm

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SML | Cast film extrusion line

Complete 3-layer cast film extrusion machine for CPP, stretch wrap and barrier films.
This line is well-maintained and is sold together with carton packer for the end product, Erema machine and other.

Manufacture & model: SML 3-layer Coextrusion Cast film Line

Materials to be processed: CPP films, stretch wrap films and barrier films (PP, LDPE, LLDPE)

Extruders: Number of extruders:

  • Extruder 1: diam. 150 mm; 290 kW motor
  • Extruder 2: diam. 75 mm; 90 kW motor
  • Extruder 3: diam. 75 mm; 90 kW motor


  • Flat die type Cloeren EPOCH III Auto Gauge 5.3 Die
  • Lip width: 3100 mm

Output: Up to 800 kg/h depending on material formulation


  • C0 3100 mm wide diam. 1000 mm, electrical dulled
  • C2 3100 mm wide diam. 400 mm, hard chrome polished

Winder: Winder, fully automatic roll change

  • Maximum line speed 35-350 m/min
  • Reels diameter up to 800 mm
  • 3” and 6” shafts
  • Winding width 2650 mm

Cast film extrusion machine – Accessories:

  • Vacuum loaders, MORETTO
  • Hopper feeder, INOEX
  • Thickness scanner, NDC
  • Corona treater, SOFTAL
  • Stretch film rewinder, MAKLAUS
  • Carton packer for stretch film
  • Trim recycling system, TRIA
  • Recycling machine, EREMA RGA 63T-HG
  • and other.

Cast film extrusion line in good working condition is available for sale. Contact us to get more information.