Tecno Coating Coex 3

Materials: Stretch film
Material Thickness: 10 – 30 μm
Output: 550 kg/h


Secondhand multi-layer cast film line

Looking for a secondhand multi-layer cast film line that’s still in excellent condition? Look no further than Tecno Coating Coex 3.

With advanced features that ensure high-quality results. Its innovative design enables you to create films with up to three layers, each with its unique properties and performance characteristics.

Materials to be processed: Stretch film LLDPE

Material thickness:From 10 to 30 μm

Number of extruders: 3

Output: Up to 550 kg/hour depending on material formulation

Chill-Roller: Width 2700 mm; diameter Ø 850 mm


  • Winder, fully automatic roll change
    • Maximum line speed 600 m/min
    • Reels diameter up to 200 mm
    • Winding width 2000 mm
    • Air Shaft diameter 50 and 75 mm


  • longitudinal film cutting unit
  • edge trim cutting system
  • edge trim recycling system
  • Web guide
  • Screen changer
  • Chiller
  • Gravimetric weight control system
  • And much more

This multi-layer cast film line is in excellent condition, and can be seen in production!
Its durable construction ensures that it will provide reliable performance for many years to come.