FAS V – Folding unit

Type: Motorized V – Folding Unit
Single or double V folds

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Secondhand FAS V- Folding unit

Secondhand FAS V- Folding unit, this double V unit is a must have if you are looking to produce high quality bags with draw-tape.

Type: Motorized V – Folding Unit

Type of production: The folding unit is used to produce draw-tape bags.

Web width in max-min, mm [in]: 1100 [43.3], folding to 1/4

Web width out, max-min, mm [in]: 285 [11.2]

Folding type: Single or double V

Other Information:

  • The folding unit can fold single or double V-fold in the web direction.
  • The unit is used for single lane production and it´s stand-alone unit.
  • The driven nip-rolls and dancer system enable the unit to be used independently and follow any machine setup.
  • The unit can together with a FAS machine line or any other bag making machine for the production of bags on roll.

The machine is in excellent condition, contact us for more information about this machine.