FAS Contiflex B1100

Sealing Unit for Bags On Roll
Max. web width: 1060 mm
Speed: Up to 120 m/min


Sealing Unit for Bags On Roll

FAS machines | Sealing unit bags on roll for sale at a very competitive price!

Brand & Model: FAS Contiflex B1100 E

Type: Sealing Unit

Production: sealing and perforation module used to produce bags on a roll.

Max. web width: 1060 mm [41.7 in]

Machine speed: Up to 120 m/min [394 fpm]

FAS sealing machines | Additional information:

  • Free-standing machine that is used to perforate and seal bags continuously
  • Good and strong seal due to its tension-free sealing system. Sealing of the bags is done from two sides. That enables a wide range of material types and thicknesses to be converted.
  • Bag length can easily be adjusted during production in the operator panel, and the number of pre-set product parameters can also be saved in the operators’ panel to enable quick changes of the production.
  • Suitable for in and off-line configurations


  • In good working conditions
  • 17 sets available with the same specifications

Plastic bag making machine in great condition. Contact your area sales manager for more information.