Starlinger RECOSTAR 65 PET iV

Screw: 65 mm
200 kg/h
Double Degassing


Starlinger RECOSTAR 65

PET Recycling Line

Excellent machine for recycling post-consumer PET plastics. PET Recycling Line is in a good condition. Contact us to see the machine running during an inspection.

Brand & Model: Starlinger RECOSTAR 65 PET iV + Starlinger SSP Reactor 1800

Material to process: PET flakes from bottles, preforms, strapping bands, sheets, or post-consumer bottle flakes after the washing process. The regranulate after the Starlinger iV+ process is suitable for food contact applications such as bottle-to-bottle or bottle-to-sheet.

Screw diameter: 65 mm

Output: Up to 200 kg/h, depending on the type of material and feeding rate.

Material feeding system:

  • Pneumatic feeding system for pre-dryer.
  • The PET flakes are fed into the pre-drying unit on top of the extruder. The material is dried, heated and crystallised, by application of hot air.
  • Pre-dryer extruder combination.
  • After drying the material is feed into the extruder by a speed-controlled dosing screw.

Material processing: The PET Recycling Line is force feed by screw

Double degassing (vacuum)

Pelletizing system: Strand pelletizing, water cooling

Filter system: Double piston screen changer, continuous (2 screens, each 140 cm2)

Additional equipment: 

  • Operator interface terminal
  • Heat exchanger
  • Water bath, L 6000 x W 600 mm
  • SSP (solid state polycondensation) reactor
  • Storage silo incl. feeding system, 300L

The Starlinger can be seen in production. Contact us for more information.