Rollepaal, Sica, Kuag

PVC- pipe line
Output: Up to 600 kg/h
3 calibration tank s
Belling machine – 200 mm pipes


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PVC pipe production line

Introducing complete plastic PVC pipe line consisting of extruder, calibration tanks, belling machine and many other.
The machine is in good working condition.

Brand & Model: Rollepaal, Sica, Kuag

Description: Complete PVC- pipe line for pressure and sewer pipes with all tools 63 up to 200 mm

Output: Up to 600 kg/h

Line consists of:

  • 2- chamber vacuum calibration tank 6m
  • 1- chamber vacuum calibration tank 4m
  • 4- Trucks haul off for pipes up to 250mm
  • Saw for pipes up to 160 mm
  • Belling machine for pipes up to 200mm
  • Sealing ring inserts machine
  • Belt converter from the first to the second Belling
  • and many other. Contact us for the full list.

The plastic pipe extruder is available for sale. Schedule an inspection today!