Primplast 3 layers

Materials: Stretch film
Extruders: 160mm, 90mm, 90mm
Lips width: 2500 mm
Maximum line speed: 500 m/min

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Primplast | Stretch film production line

Seconhand 3-layer cast line for stretch film. Complete machine sold with automatic packaging system and robot for pick up and placement of finished rolls.
Machine is in good working condition.

Manufacture & model: Primplast 3 layers

Materials to be processed: Stretch film

Extruders: Number of extruders:

  • Extruder 1: diam. 160 mm; 32L/D; 315 kW motor
  • Extruder 2: diam. 90 mm; 30L/D; 110 kW motor
  • Extruder 3: diam. 90 mm; 30L/D; 110 kW motor
  • Recovery extruder: diam. 105 mm; 30L/D; 45 kW motor

Die: Flat die type

Lips width: 2500 mm


  • Main chill roller 2645 mm wide x diam. 1350 mm
  • Secondary chill roller 2550 mm wide x diam. 290 mm

Winder: Winder, fully automatic roll change

  • Maximum line speed 500 m/min
  • Reels diameter up to 600 mm
  • Winding width 2000 mm

Cast line – Accessories:

  • edge trim grinder
  • Gravimetric weight control system Doteco
  • Thickness control Electronic System
  • Robot for pick up and placement of the finished rolls
  • Automatic packaging system
  • and other. Contact us for the full list.

Used stretch film production line is available for sale and can be seen in production. Schedule an inspection.