REDWAVE – Plastic Sorting Equipment

Plastic Sorting Equipment


Plastic Sorting Equipment

Machinery for Recycling

Brand & Model: REDWAVE 2000

Material that can be processed: P5, ABS, PC+ABS, ABS+TBBPA, ABS+TBBPAEF, PA, PC, PET, PE, PP, PBT, POM, PVC, PMMA, PUR, etc.

Areas of application: Plastic Sorting and E-Scrap Processing for WEE Recycling

Method of operation: The sorting system is designed to detect certain plastics in terms of their chemical composition and separate it in a further process step a stream of general material.

Output: Up to 3000 kg/h, depending on material

Main parts and accessories:

  •  REDWAVE 2000 NIR 2W
  • 2.5 m feeding belt
  • NIR optical sensor
  • M 25 2000 metal detector
  • Feed belt pitch
  • Steel structure with service platforms

In good condition. Can be seen in production.