EM Apron Punch Mold

Apron Punch Mold
For bottom sealers
For bag-on-roll machines

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EM Apron Punch Mold

The EM Apron Punch Mold is designed for cutting aprons made of PE or nonwoven materials. The punch mold can work as an in-line unit when it is assembled on a bag making machine or on other similar machines.

Standard Features

  • Can be installed on a bottom seal bag making machine  or on a bag on roll machine.
  • The perforating knife can be removed if the unit is used on a bottom seal or side seal machine.
  • Suitable for PE / non-woven materials
  • Operator and service friendly
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy to install

Typical Application Areas

The EM Apron Punch Mold is suitable for production of disposable aprons that are used in healthcare related duties, nursing, cleaning, baby care, food processing, food handling, beauty salons and hairdressers, pet care, painting, industrial use, as well as many more areas.

Cut-out size:

  • Longitudinal cut-out stripe: L 430 x W 70 mm
  • Diameter round cut-out: Ø 150 mm