Coemter T‐WIND 84120 450 ROLL

Lanes: 1
Sealing width: 1200 mm
Bags per min.: up to 170 cpm.


Large garbage roll bag machine

Used roll bag machine for producing large garbage bags in a high quality!

Type: Bag making machine for bags on roll

Type of production: Large garbage bottom seal bags on roll

Material that can be processed: LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE and recycled extracts

Max film thickness: 260 microns

Sealing width: 1200mm

Max finished roll diameter: 130 mm

Max finished roll width: 450 mm

Draw length (bag length):

  • With 1 welding unit: From 1000 mm up to 1730mm
  • With 2 welding units: From 500 up to 865 mm

Number of lanes: 1

Linear speed: Up to 120 m/min

Bags per min.: Up to 170 Cpm

Driving system:

  • PLC controlled
  • Print registration control
  • Servo motor driven
    • input nip rollers
    • sealing bar

Attachments and accessories:

  • Driven un-winder
  • Gusseting station
  • Slit-seal
  • Anti-static bars
  • Banderole unit

This roll bag machine is in excellent condition and can be seen in production.
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