HSM 16 Bale Press

Bale dimension: 700 x 800 x 1100 mm
Volume throughput: Aprox. 47 m3/h
Loading height: 990 mm


Used Hydraulic Horizontal Bale Press 

This HSM 16 Baling Press is produced by HSM GmbH, Germany. The HSM Baling Press is in stock in our warehouse in Denmark.

Description: HSM horizontal baling press is an all-purpose stationary baler that is designed for high loads and completely flattens paper scraps, large cardboard boxes, plastic foils, and other similar semi-rigid materials.

With easy insertion of strapping band for fixing the bales

  • Loading from the top
  • Simple Bale removal
  • Simple strapping
  • Easy operation

Pressing power: 150 kN

Driving Power: 7,5 kW

Voltage: 3 x 400 VAC; 50 Hz

Volume throughput: Aprox. 47 m3/h, (dependent of feeding rate)

Loading height: 990 mm

Hydraulic Horizontal Bale Press – Dimension 

Loading aperture width x Loading aperture length: 700 x 1500 mm

Bale width x Bale height x Bale length: 700 x 800 x 1100 mm

Bale weight: 200 kg

Method of loading: Manual

Length x Width x Height: 4470 x 1343 x 2042 mm

Weight: Aprox. 1.900Kg

The Horizontal baling press is in great condition available from our STOCK. Contact us for more information.