Howell Print Technology Ltd

Cylindrical screen printer
Printing Area: Φ75 & 200×175 mm
Printing Shape: Φ75 – Round Oval,
L200xW175 – Flat

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Howell | Cylindrical screen printer

Secondhand cylindrical printing machine

Manufacturer: Howell Print Technology Ltd

Model: Model HA-2A

Type: Cylindrical & Flat Screen Printer

Max Printing Area (mm):

  • Φ75
  • L200xW175

Max. Printing Speed: 1980 pcs/hour

Printing Shape:

  • Φ75 – Round Oval
  • L200xW175 – Flat

Screen Frame Dimensions: (L x W) 430 x 280 mm

Description: This machine is used in the screen-printing industry, and it can be widely applied to different shapes of containers as well as cosmetics vessel, drugs vessel, food vessel, electronic device, toy, case and so on.


  • Adjustable wrench 250 × 30mm 1 pc
  • Open-end wrench 8-10 mm 1 Pc
  • Open-end wrench 12-14 mm 1 pc
  • Allen key
  • Front scraping holder
  • Back scraping holder
  • Squeegee 3 inch 1 pc
  • and other. Contact us for the full list.

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