Extrusion blown line for PVC cling film

Materials: PVC
Extruders: 1200 mm
Output: Up to 180-200 kg/h
Take off: 1800 mm wide


Extrusion blown line for PVC cling film

Cling film making machine | PVC stretch | Complete PVC film extrusion line with stretch roll edge cutter. Take off 1800mm wide.

Brand & Model: RL PLASTPROJECT S-680

Type: Complete blown extrusion line for production of stretch film from PVC with stretch roll edge cutter

Materials to be processed: PVC

Extruders: 1200 mm


  • Mono Layer blown film die head (oscillating)
  • Two Die heads

Output: Up to 180-200 kg/hour depending of material formulation

Air ring: Air cooling ring

Take off: 1800 mm wide


  • Double winder, fully automatic back to back rewinder
  • Reels diameter max 800 mm (without practise); 550 mm (practise)
  • Winding width 1400-1500 mm


  • Tower
  • Cooling ring
  • Stretch roll edge cutter (necessary to obtain finished rolls)
  • Complete line for the preparation of raw material for the production of Stretch film from PVC with control and complete software
  • and many other. Contact us for the full list.

This cling film PVC Extrusion blown film extruder machine is in very good condition.