Output: Up to 800 kg/h
Double degassing
Strand Pelletising system


Erema Recycling Line

For flexible recycling of slightly printed production and industrial waste and technical plastics.

Erema Recycling line, great machine with a diverse assortment of accessories! Plastic recycling machine for sale!

Material that can be processed: PET flakes, sheet & PET shredded preforms

Screw diameter: 160 mm

Extruder die:

  • 48/5 T-form
  • Self-cleaning
  • No. of strands (48)
  • Tempering steel, nitrided
  • Heating capacity (6,5 KW)

Output: Up to 800 kg/h, depending on the type of material and feeding rate.

EREMA Double degassing

Screen changer:

  • With partial Backflush system, divided version.
  • SW 8/170 RTF

Charging and feeding system: Big bag discharge system through hoppers to feed directly to the extruder or go through a previous drying process.

IRD Material drying system: Continuous heating, crystallization and drying of a wide variety of plastics and other bulk materials.

Double gate pneumatic slider with vacuum slice: In vacuum tight execution and vacuum slice including feeding hopper with automatic feeding control.

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