De Bernardi – Flexo-Loop bag making machine

Seal: 300 – 700 mm
Draw: 320 – 650 mm
LDPE, HDPE and recycled
60 CPM


De Bernardi Flexo-loop Bag Making Machine

Side weld bag making machine

De Bernardi Flexo-loop bag making machine. Can product Flexo-loop bags, Safety bags, Patch handle bags and more. Contact us for more information.

Brand & Model: De Bernardi 80 G-SH

Type: Side weld bag making machine

Type of production: Side weld bags:

  • Flexo-loop bags
  • Patch handle bag with reinforcement (seal)
  • Safety bags
  • Different type of side-weld bags.
  • Side weld & Bottom seal bags

Material that can be processed: LDPE, HDPE, and recycled extracts

Material thickness: 220/240 µm

Sealing width (bag length): From 300 to 700 mm

Draw length (bag width): From 320 to 650 mm

Max. speed (with SH unit): 60 cpm

Driving system:

  • Operator interface terminal
  • Servo motor driven
    • input nip rollers
    • sealing bar

Attachments and accessories:

  • Driven un-winder 800 mm wide
  • Gusseters including
  • Handle insertion
  • Longitudinal sealer
  • Banana-hole puncher
  • Patch handle, glue and heat seal
  • Handel punch unit
  • V-fold station
  • Anti-static bars