CMD 1270 GDSRH+ 0330HSW

Bottom seal bags on roll
Sealing width: 1270 mm
Draw length: 485 – 3734 mm
Finished roll width: 102 – 305 mm


CMD | Bag on roll making machine

Plastic bag making machine for bags on roll. The machine features double station string insertion with string auto splicing.
The machine is in excellent condition!

Brand & Model: CMD 1270 GDSRH+ 0330HSW

Type: Bag making machine for bags on roll

Type of production: Bottom seal bags on roll

  • Garbage bags
  • Draw tape bags on roll, also interleaved.

Material to be processed: LDPE & LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, Recycled materials

Roll change/min: Up to 30 c/min

Sealing width: 1270 mm

Max finished roll diameter: 229mm

Max finished roll width: 102 – 305 mm

Draw length (bag length): 485 – 3734 mm

Number of lanes: 1

Linear speed: Up to 183 m/min

Bags per min.: Up to 90 Cpm

Driving system:

  • PLC controlled AB Compact Logix PLC.
  • Operator terminal AB Colour Panel View Touch
  • Print registration control
  • Please ask for the full list.

Attachments and accessories:

  1. CMD 1270
    Surface Driven un-winder 1270 mm wide Roll diameter 1524 mm
    Double station String insertion with string auto splicing.
    Longitudinal sealing
    Photocell for printed film
    Web Guides
    Anti-static bars
    V-folding units
  2. CMD Global Overlap Winder 0330 HSW
    Perforated bag ana in also interleaved.
    Efficient small-count rolls winding.
    Roll banding and tail-glue options.

The pre-owned bag on roll making machine is available for sale. Schedule an inspection today!