GHIOLDI 5-layers

Take off: 1400 mm
Winder: double,
fully automatic back-to-back rewinder


Blown film extrusion line

Plastic film extruder in great working condition – take off 1400 mm with double winder, fully automatic back-to-back rewinder

Brand & Model: GHIOLDI 5-layer co-extruder

Materials to be processed: LLDPE/LDPE/LLD/HDPE/PP/Borstar/Metallocene/Borcene/other blends.

Extruders: 60 mm + 55mm + 60 mm + 55mm, 5 heating zones


  • 5-Layer blown film Die head
  • Die diameter 300 mm
  • IBC

Die Gap: 1,8 mm

Additional information: Four extruders, including one for glue that supports two layers

Output: Up to 270 kg/hour depending on material formulation

Air ring: Dual flow

Take off:

  • 1400 mm wide
  • Oscillating nips

Plastic film extruder | Rewind:

  • Double winder, fully automatic back-to-back rewinder
  • Reels diameter up to 1000 mm
  • Winding width 1400 mm


  • Tower
  • Web guide
  • Gravimetric weight control system
  • Components blander
  • Dosing units
  • Thickness control
  • Calibrating basket
  • Corona-treater
  • Air shafts

Blown film extrusion line is in good working condition and can be seen in production. Contact our sales area representative to get more information or to schedule an inspection.