Austropressen, RS25 2000/1000Ø

Reel splitting machine
Foam, rolls of film & other materials
Splitting power: 32 ton
Length of knife: 2060 mm


Austropressen | Guillotine roll splitter

Secondhand roll splitting machine for rolls up to Ø 2000mm, max. width 2500mm, works also with foam. Splitting with is 32ton.
Machine is like new and is in very good working condition.

Brand & Model: Austropressen, RS25 2000/1000Ø

Type: Rell splitting machine for film, foam and other

Material that can be processed: Foam, rolls of film and other materials

Areas of application: for cutting rolls of film and post-production foams.

Splitting power: 32 ton

Technical data:

  • Length of knife: 2060 mm
  • Max channel: 1100 mm
  • Max length of reels: 2000 mm
  • Max Ø of reels: 1000 mm


  • Width: 4030 mm
  • Depth: 1600 mm
  • Height: 2900 mm

Guillotine roll splitter is available for sale. Schedule an inspection or request more information.