AIM Inc. AccuForm 3DXT

CNC steel wire bending machine
Wire thickness: 2 – 8 mm
two and three-dimensional bending

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AIM AccuForm | Wire bending machine

Secondhand CNC wire forming machine with robotic cell and machine vision system is available for sale.
Machine is in good condition.

Producer: AIM Inc. AccuForm 3DXT

Description: The AccuForm 3Dx is a modular line of programmable CNC machinery that is capable of two and three-dimensional bending of steel wire fed directly from a spool.

Type: CNC steel wire bending machine (with robotic cell & machine vision system)

Wire thickness: 2 – 8 mm

Consists of:

1.1. The straightening unit
1.2. The feeding unit
1.3. The measuring unit
1.4. Computer
1.5. The bender arm rotating unit
1.6. The bender unit
1.7. The cutting unit
1.8. Turn table
1.9. Robotic cell with vision system (customized and integrated for specific 3d shape product)

CNC wire forming machine available for sale. Contact us for more information.