Flexo Printing machines – used flexo presses for sale

We have flexo printers for sale. Euro Machinery is specialized in buying and selling flexo print machines. We have many for sale in our machine database which is listed below.  We work with brands such as Uteco, Windmöller and Hölscher, Comexi, Fischer and Krecke, Bobst and others in our database. Central impression Printing presses that can print on plastic film and paper products. We have many gearless  printers in our machine database. Many 8 colors and even 10 machines can be found. Contact us today about a Ci Flexo drum printers for sale if you are looking for second hand press machines. Please find our currently available machines below.

  • 4 colour Carnevalli printer available for sale.Carnevalli flexo machine with 4 colours.Flexoprinter from Carnevalli for paper and film.
    Ref. No.: 40034

    Material to print: Film & Paper
    Printing width: 1400 mm
    No. of colours: 4 (4+0, 2+2)
    Print repeat: 300 – 1200 mm

  • 8 colour gearless flexo printing press.CI flexo printing machine with width up to 800 m.Fully refurbished machines and comes with many accessories.
    Ref. No.: 40032

    BOPP, PE, PET, Paper
    Printing width: 800 mm
    8 colours

  • Gearless 8 colours UTECO printing machine.Flexographic printing machine from UTECO with printing width of up to 1300mm.
    Ref. No.: 40033

    Printing width: 1300 mm
    No. of colours: 8 (8+0)
    Print repeat: 330 – 830 mm

  • Flexo printing machine with printing width up to 900 mm.CI flexographic printing press with 8 colours.Complete flexo printing machine in good working condition.
    Ref. No.: 40031

    Material: PE, OPP, Paper
    Printing width: 900 mm
    No. of colours: 8

  • Flexographic printing machineCI Flexo printer StarflexFlexographic printing machine
    Ref. No.: 40027

    8 colours
    PE, PP, OPP, PET, Paper
    Printing width: Max 1575 mm
    Material width: 1625 mm

  • CI Flexo printer Schiavi | maszyna drukarskaCI Flexo printer Schiavi | maszyna fleksograficznaCI Flexo printer Schiavi | maszyna fleksograficzna
    Ref. No.: 40030

    Printing width: 1050 mm
    Material width: 1100 mm
    Print repeat: 300 mm – 650 mm

  • FISCHER & KRECKE 34 DF 8 / CNC - ci flexographic printing pressCI flexographic printing press
    Ref. No.: 40029

    Colours: 8
    Material to print: Paper, Pet/PP
    Printing width: 1350 mm
    Material width: 1400 mm

  • Flexographic printing press Flexographic printing press 
    Ref. No.: 40028

    Colours: 6  (6+0)
    Material to print: Plastic film
    Printing width: 1430 mm
    Material width: 1450 mm

  • Bielloni Axioma 120 | Maszyna drukarskaBielloni Axioma 120 | drukarka fleksograficznaBielloni Axioma 120 | drukarka fleksograficzna
    Ref. No.: 40026

    6 Colors
    Materials to print: Plastic and paper
    Printing width 1220 mm
    Material width 1250 mm

  • CI Flexo printer UTECOCI Flexo printer UTECO
    Ref. No.: 40025

    Colours: 6 (6+0)
    Material to print: Paper
    Printing width: 1200 mm

  • Used Flexographic printer for sale | Flexotecnica PolicromaUsed flexo printer | Flexotecnica Policroma
    Ref. No.: 40021

    8 colours (8+0)
    Material to print: PE, PP, OPP, PET
    Print repeat: 500 mm – 1400 mm

  • Used CI flexo printer | Bonardi MiraUsed CI flexo printer | Bonardi MiraUsed CI flexo printer | Bonardi Mira
    Ref. No.: 40018

    Colours: 6
    Mechanical speed: 250 m/min
    Materials: PE, PP, OPP, PET, Paper