Polystar Recycling machines presented by Euro Machinery

Polystar Recycling Machines are available with Euro Machinery. Euro Machinery proudly represents POLYSTAR RECYCLING in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Portugal, Estonia and Ukraine. New plastic recycling machines for processing many different types of materials such as: Plastic films, PP raffia rolls, woven sacks, blow film waste, PE/PP printed films, waste films, stretch film, and bags. Different types of machines which are able to process industrial and consumer plastic waste. Depending on the type of material needed to be processed. Machines for both in-house post industrial and post-consumer recycling to plastic pellets. Easy to use, high performance machines from Polystar. Contact us today if you are interested. We can help you find the machine that suits your needs. 

  • Repro-Flex Polystar
    Ref. No.: Repro-Flex Plus

    Material: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, BOPP
    Output: 100-1200 kg/h
    Feeding: Conveyor belt
    Screw Diameter: 65-180 mm

  • Repro One Recycling Machine. New Recycling Machines from Euro Machinery. Shredder integrated recycling machine from Polystar.
    Ref. No.: Repro-One

    Material: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE…
    Output range: 150-500 kg/h
    Cutting: Hot die face
    Screw Diameter: 85 – 120 mm

  • Euro Machinery represents Polystar in
    Ref. No.: Repro-Direct

    Material: HDPE,LDPE,…
    Output range: 100kg-1200 kg/h
    Screw Diameter: 120mm
    Hopper feeding

  • Ref. No.: Repro-Air

    Very Compact Recycler
    Material: HDPE & LDPE
    Output: 20-50 kg/h
    Screw: 120 mm

  • Repro-Print Recycling Machine. New Recycling Machines from Euro Machinery. Two stage recycling machine with cutter compactor.
    Ref. No.: Repro-Print

    Output range: 100-1200 kg/h
    Screw Diameter: 65-180mm
    Degassing: Double vented/triple

  • Euro Machinery represents Polystar Recycling
    Ref. No.: Repro-Flex

    Printed/non-printed film
    Output range: 100-1200 kg/h
    Screw Diameter: 65-180 mm
    Degassing: Single or double vented