Hosokawa Alpine MDO Extrusion Technology

Sustainable plastic packaging with MDO (Machine Direction Orientation) technology with ManuliTech 

When it comes to producing high-quality blown plastic film with MDO extrusion technology. There are few companies that can match the effectiveness of Hosokawa Alpine.

The Italian packaging manufacturer ManuliTech aims to be a frontrunner, with a sustainable solution for high-rate recycling, in the plastic packaging market. They aim to do so, with the help of the cutting-edge 7-layer blown film extruder with inline MDO technology.  

This technology is a game-changer when it comes to producing, and laminating films with oxygen barrier in full PE design.  

MaunliTech is based in Cambiago near Milan and produces multilayer blown films primarily for the food- and pharmaceutical industries. 

Trend-setting technology 

Last year a new flexible 7-layer high-performance line with the inline MDO extrusion technology has been installed to meet Italy’s demand for full-PE films. 

At ManuliTech, they utilize this state-of-the-art production method to create high-quality mono-material films made from polyethylene.  

To ensure optimal protection against oxygen. ManuliTech uses the inline MDO technology to incorporate EVOH as a barrier layer in the films.  

It is important to note that if the EVOH content in a film is kept below 5%. It will not have any negative impact on the recyclability of the film in the PE waste stream.

This means that the films not only offer superior barrier properties, but also contribute to a more sustainable future by being recyclable. 

Alpine support and how to get in contact 

Hosokawa-Alpine is committed to helping their customers achieve their goals of sustainable plastic packaging and optimizing their production technology.  
Hosokawa-Alpine can offer high-quality solutions that meet their customers’ needs and contribute to a circular economy.  

Do you wish to hear more about the Hosokawa Alpine and their MDO extrusion technology?
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