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SIKOPLAST Plastic Recycling machines

Highlight on a quality plastic recycling machine Euro Machinery promotes machines for the plastic recycling and flexible converting industry. We come across many quality brands and see many machines in function. As a result, we have good insight in brands as EREMA, NGR, Starlinger, Tecnova, Gamma Meccanica, Prealpina, SIKOPLAST and many more. Here at our…



Output: 1.000 kg/h Screw diameter: 180 mm Features double degassing


Plastic Recycling Washing lines of great quality

Euro Machinery buy and sell plastic recycling washing lines for the purposes of recycling plastic. The challenge with recycling plastic is first of all to clean it from dirt and also sort it in the different plastic types. Euro Machinery buy and sell machines to treat many different kinds of plastic in many different stages…