Pierret CT60N

Textilien, Fasern, Plastik , Vliesstoffe etc.
Schnittbreite: 600 mm
Schnittgeschwindigkeit: 250 Schnitte/min
Komprimierte Materialstärke: 180 mm


Textilrecyclingmaschine Pierret

This recycling machine cuts soft materials such as fiber, plastic films, non woven and other.

Brand & Model: Pierret CT60N

Type: Recycling machine for non woven, fibers, plastic films and other.

Material that can be processed: Soft materials & Special fibers:

  • Man-made fibers (PP, PES, PA…);
  • Natural fibers (cotton, flax, wool, sisal…);
  • Textile waste (old clothes…);
  • Plastic films (PP, PE, PES…);
  • Nonwoven
  • Glass; Carbon; Aramid; Basalt; Stainless steel; Dyneema; Spectra…

Areas of application: Cutting soft materials and special fibers

Cutting width: 600 mm

Cutting speed: 250 cuts/min

Compressed material thickness: 180 mm

Power installed: 25,5 kW

Accessories and components:

  • PLC
  • Conveyor belt with metal detector

Textile recycling machine is in great working condition. Contact us for more information.