Novapac ANL 150 + BM

Material: PE-Schrumpffolie
Produktion: 6 Packungen/Min

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The packaging machine from Novapac is able to work with PE shrink film. In great working condition and can be seen in production.

Brand & Model: Novapac ANL 150 + BM

Working process:
The product to be packed arrives on the infeed belt, which turns at a fixed speed at the same time as the discharge belt.
A photocell located on the feeding belt cadences the loading step. The package introduced into the film barrier automatically stops on the discharge belt in the sealing area controlled by a second photocell.
When sealing is complete, the package is transferred to the tunnel conveyor belt, in which film shrinking takes place. At the exit, a fan cools the package.

Shrink film packing machine – accessories:

  • Infeed conveyor belt and discharge belt
  • Shrinkage tunnel
  • Welding bar with mechanical film cutting
  • Electronic temperature control system
  • Automatic unwinding
  • Automatic film recovery
  • PLC

Working dimensions min/max: 400 x 380 x h350 mm / 600 x 1000 x h400mm

Packaging material: PE shrink film

Production: 6 packages/min

The packaging machine can be seen working. Contact us to arrange an inspection.