Schneider – Umspannstation



Schneider Umspannstation

Complete 36 KV Electric power station

Gebrauchte Umspannstation von Schneider-Electric. In sehr gutem Zustand, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte für weitere Informationen.

Ref. No.: 8506
Brand & Model: Schneider-Electric
High Voltage input Rated voltage: 36 KV
Rated current: 630 A
MV / LV Transformer input KVA 800/1120
KV: 36 KV
  Output: 400V
Low Voltage Distribution Switch Board Rated current: 1600 A
  Rated Voltage: 400V 3Ph; 50Hz
Other equipment
  • Main power switches boards
  • Power correction factor battery
  • Power circuits distribution for:
  • 800 A; 700ª; 630ª; 500ª; 120ª; 80ª; 50ª; 40ª; 20ª; 6ª; etc
  •  Safety equipment
  • Measuring and control equipment

All connection cables available from switchgear to Transformer, from transformer to main power switch board and from main switch board to installed machinery (all together more than 400m of heavy load cables.)

Conditions: In like-new condition.