Omet Varyflex VF 420 FP

Material: Folie, Karton
max. Druckbreite: 405 mm
Druckeinheiten: 9
Drucklänge: 304,8 – 838,2 mm


Schmalbahn-Flexodruckmaschine Omet Varyflex

Flexo printing machine can work with film and cardboard with web width of 420 mm, and 9 printing units.

Brand & Model: Omet Varyflex VF 420 FP

Material: Film, cardboard

Printing units: 9

Web width: 420 mm

Material thickness:

  • 12 mkm film
  • 600 mkm cardboard

Max speed: 150 m/min

Air pressure: 6 bars

Print repeat: 304,8 – 838,2 mm

Printing register adjustment: 360

Max. print width: 405 mm

Max. die cutting width: 405 mm

Inks pan with rubber roll: 12 psc

Narrow web flexo press | Un-winder and rewinder:

  • Un-winder: spindle diameter: 76,2 mm
  • Un-winder diameter: 1000mm
  • Rewinder spindle diameter 2 shafts: 76,2 mm

Drying system: Hot air-drying system


  • Vacuum system, double side web cleaner: 1psc
  • One side corona treatment: 1 psc
  • UV curing system: Single lamp UV GEW E2C system.
  • Kit for reverse printing.
  • Including enclosed chamber doctor blade and peristatic pump
  • and many other. Contact us for the full list.

This flexo printing machine is available for sale and can be seen in production.