HSM 16 Bale Press

Ballenabmessungen: H 800 x L 700 x B 1100 mm
Ballengewicht: bis 200 kg
Presskraft: 26,78 N/cm²


Gebrauchte Hydraulischer Horizontalballenpresse

This HSM 16 Baling Press is produced by HSM GmbH, Germany. The HSM Baling Press is in stock in our warehouse in Denmark.

Description: Hydraulic bale press with manual loading

  • Loading from the top
  • Simple Bale removal
  • Simple strapping
  • Easy operation

Bale Dimensions: H 800 x L 700 x W 1100 mm

Bale weight: up to 200 kg

Press force: 26,78 N/cm²

Cycle time: 32 seconds

Working voltage: 220 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz, 16 A

Control voltage: 220 V

Driving power: 7,5 kW

Bale Press  dimensions: 4470 x 1343 x 2042 mm