Hemingstone – Seidennaht Beutel

Breite: 762 mm
Abzug: 960 mm
180 CPM
PE & Recycled


Beutelmaschine zur Herstellung Seidennaht Beutel

For producing different types of bags.

Material that can be processed: PE / Recycled Extract

Type of production: Side weld bags

Top folding: Max. 75 mm

Bottom Gusseting: Max. 65 mm

Sealing width (bag length): From 76 to 762 mm

Draw length (bag width): From 76 to 960 mm

Bags per min: Up to 180 CPM

Driving System:

  •  PLC controlled
  • Operator interface terminal
  • Print registration control
  • Servo motor driven
    • input nip rollers
    • sealing bar

In gutem Zustand. Kann in der Produktion gesehen werden.